Dr. John Gemmer
Assistant Professor

Office: Manchester 388
Home Page:
Email: gemmerj ‘at’


  • B.S. Mathematics and Physics, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, 2006
  • Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona, 2012

Research interests: Applied mathematics, calculus of variations, partial differential equations, optics, dynamical systems, stochastic differential equations.

Recent papers:

  • Sabbah, S., Gemmer, J., Castro, G., Siegel, J., Jeffery, N., & Berson, D. M. (2016). Retinal direction selectivity uses vestibular logic to encode self-motion. (Under Review).
  • Grimm, C., & Gemmer, J. A. (2016). Weak and Strong Solutions to the Inverse-Square Brachistochrone Problem on Circular and Annular Domains. (Accepted in Involve)
  • Gemmer, J., Sharon, E., Shearman, T., & Venkataramani, S. C. (2016). Isometric immersions, energy minimization and self-similar buckling in non-Euclidean elastic sheets. EPL (Europhysics Letters)114(2), 24003.
  • Gemmer, J. A., Venkataramani, S. C., Durfee, C. G., & Moloney, J. V. (2014). Optical beam shaping and diffraction free waves: A variational approach.Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena283, 15-28.
  • Durfee, Charles G., John Gemmer, and Jerome V. Moloney. “Phase-only shaping algorithm for Gaussian-apodized Bessel beams.” Optics express 21, no. 13 (2013): 15777-15786.
  • Gemmer, J., & Venkataramani, S. C. (2013). Shape transitions in hyperbolic non-Euclidean plates. Soft Matter9(34), 8151-8161.
  • Gemmer, J. A., & Venkataramani, S. C. (2012). Defects and boundary layers in non-Euclidean plates. Nonlinearity25(12), 3553.
  • Gemmer, J. A., & Venkataramani, S. C. (2011). Shape selection in non-Euclidean plates. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena240(19), 1536-1552.

Classes taught: Calculus, differential equations, numerical methods, differential geometry, partial differential equations, dynamical systems, optimization, topics in applied mathematics.

Personal interests: Baseball, hiking, fishing, reading, NPR, squash (the sport but I like the vegetable too).


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