Dr. Staci Hepler

Assistant Professor





Dr. Hepler’s

  • B.S. Mathematics Education - Shawnee State University - 2010
  • PhD Statistics - The Ohio State University - 2015
Bayesian Modeling, Computational Statistics, Spatial and Environmental Statistics
  Professional Website

  • Kline, D., Pan, Y., Hepler, S.A., (2020) Spatio-temporal trends in opioid overdose deaths by race
  • for counties in Ohio. Epidemiology.
  • Hepler, S.A., Erhardt, R., (2020) A spatio-temporal model for multivariate occupancy data. Envi- ronmetrics.
  • Kline, D., Hepler, S.A., (2020) Estimating the burden of the opioid epidemic for adults and adoles- cents in Ohio counties, Biometrics.
  • Hepler, S.A., McKnight, E., Bonny, A., Kline, D. (2019) A latent spatial factor approach for syn- thesizing opioid associated deaths and treatment admissions in Ohio counties, Epidemiology, 30(3): 365-370.
  • Hepler, S.A., Erhardt, R., Anderson, T.M. (2018) Identifying drivers of spatial variation in occupancy with limited replication camera trap data, Ecology, 99(10), 2152-2158.
Running, Working out, soccer, piano, reading, and traveling



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