Dr. Jason Parsley

Associate Professor of Mathematics



Dr. Parsley’s

  • Ph.D., Mathematics, 2004, University of Pennsylania
  • M.A., Mathematics, 2001, University of Pennsylania
  • B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, 1996, Duke University
Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Physical Knot Theory
Professional Website

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    • "Intrinsic symmetry groups of links with 8 and fewer crossings", Michael Berglund, Jason Cantarella, Meredith Perrie Casey, Ellie Dannenberg, Whitney George, Aja Johnson, Amelia Kelly, Al LaPointe, Matt Mastin, Jason Parsley, Jacob Rooney, Rachel Whitaker Symmetry, 2012; 4(1):143-207 doi:10.3390/sym4010143 arxiv:1010.3234
    • "A geometric and combinatorial view of weighted voting", Sarah Mason and Jason Parsley submittedarxiv:1109.1082
    • "Existence and computation of Taylor states" Jason Parsley, in preparation
    • A geometric power index for weighted voting'' Annalaissa Johnson, Sarah Mason, and Jason Parsley, in preparation
    •    "Power indices for 5 voters'' Annalaissa Johnson and Jason Parsley, in preparation

Interdisciplinary Articles

Calculus, Explorations in Mathematics, Topology, Differential Topology, Knot Theory, Differential Geometry, Real Analysis
Tennis, Basketball, Outdoor activities, Film




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