Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Edward Allen: Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics

Dr. Kenneth Berenhaut: Applied probability; network science, discrete dynamics; convergence rates; mathematical inequalities; mathematical and statistical models; difference equations; statistical methodology; matrix inequalities; analytic, probabilistic and combinatorial number theory; discrete structures.

Dr. Abbey Bourdon: Arithmetic Geometry

Dr. Nicole Dalzell: Statistics education, Bayesian statistics, file linking, missing and synthetic data

Dr. Rob Erhardt: Environmental Statistics, Extreme Values, Computational Statistics, Actuarial Science

Dr. Jennifer Erway: Numerical optimization, machine learning, numerical linear algebra, scientific computation

Dr. Luigi Ferraro: Homological properties of rings. Hopf actions on rings.

Dr. John Gemmer: Mathematical modeling, applied mathematics, calculus of variations, dynamical systems, stochastic differential equations.

Dr. Staci Hepler: Bayesian Modeling, Computational Statistics, Spatial and Environmental Statistics

Dr. Kaitlin Hill: Applied mathematics, Dynamical systems, Dynamics of climate and human systems

Dr. John Holmes: Analysis of partial differential equations and applications

Dr. Hugh Howards: Topology and Geometry

Dr. Emily Huang: Digital phenotyping, Causal inference, Clinical trials

Dr. Sneha Jadhav: Functional Data Analysis, Measurement Error, Clustering, Nonparametric Statistics, Sequencing Studies

Dr. Miaohua Jiang: Dynamical Systems and Smooth Ergodic Theory

Dr. Kwame Kankam: Design of experiments, High dimensional data

Dr. Kyongwon Kim: Sufficient Dimension Reduction, Graphical Models, Functional Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Causal Inference, Deep Learning

Dr. Ellen Kirkman: Noncommutative Algebra, Representation Theory, and Homological Algebra

Dr. Marco Antonio López: Discrete dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and fractal geometry

Dr. Sarah Mason: Combinatorics, Representation Theory

Dr. Lucy D’Agostino McGowan: Causal inference, Human-data interaction, Data Science

Dr. Frank Moore: Homological and computational techniques in commutative and noncommutative ring theory

Dr. Jason Parsley: Low-dimensional topology, knot theory, differential geometry, weighted voting

Dr. Sarah Raynor: Elliptic and dispersive partial differential equations; Harmonic Analysis; Fractal Geometry

Dr. Mostafa Rezapour:  Optimization, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Dr. Stephen Robinson: Partial Differential Equations; Calculus of Variations; Economic Modeling

Dr. Jeremy Rouse: Number Theory

Dr. Lori Watson: Number theory, arithmetic geometry


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