2021 Department Graduating Majors in Old Gold & Black Graduation Edition

The following graduating seniors from the Math and Stats department were featured in the Old Gold and Black

Fernando Rigal – Applied Math

It’s common for many to feel faint or dizzy when they come into contact with a lot of blood. The opposite is true of Fernando Rigal, an applied mathematics and physics double major from Miami, Fla. As part of his independent research, Rigal’s work on blood has been published in two journals: the Redox Biology Journal and the Nitric Oxide Journal. Read More

Kyle Blackburn – Math Business

Coming from a small private high school in Warrenton, Va., it seemed as if Kyle Blackburn fit the mold of a small private institution in the South — like a fish that graduates from a pond to a lake. Admittedly, he loved the warm weather of the South, which helped narrow his search for schools. But primarily, Blackburn sought out institutions that were academically challenging and morally upstanding. Not too long into his selection process, he found Wake Forest, applied, and was accepted early in his senior year of high school.  Read more

Anna Flowers – Math Statistics

“I actually came to Wake as a chemistry major,” Flowers said. “I was taking ‘orgo’ and ‘calc’ as a freshman when I realized I wasn’t really enjoying the whole chemistry thing. The ‘calc’ class was hard, but I really liked it, and so I knew I wanted to do some sort of math major.” Read more

Lily Wang – Mathematics

“I heard that there are lots of research opportunities at U.S. colleges, which is not really the case in China,” Wang said. “The reason that I chose Wake is because it’s a very small school. That was important for me because I wanted the chance to have close contact with professors and many research experiences during my undergraduate years.” Read More

Andrew Logan – Math Economics

Andrew Logan, a senior from Atlanta, Ga., majoring in mathematical economics, loves to solve problems. His interest in problem-solving spans multiple academic disciplines, which is part of the reason he chose to attend Wake Forest to begin with. Read More




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