“A Bridge Between Monomial Ideals and Graphs”

Department of Mathematics & Statistics


Guillermo Alesandroni
Wake Forest University

Thursday, September 17, 2020
11am – 12pm
Virtual Lecture

A Bridge Between Monomial Ideals and Graphs

Bridges between two branches of math are always to be desired, as they allow an exchange of information. In this talk we describe the interplay between monomial ideals and graphs using a new bridge that connects these structures. The material is organized in four parts. First, we consider the algebraic side of the bridge, where we discuss monomial ideals and their invariants. Then, we move to the combinatorial side, where we study graphs and their invariants. Next, we construct the bridge by associating to each graph a monomial ideal, called the chromatic ideal of the graph. Finally, we travel across the bridge, using monomial invariants to compute graph invariants.



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