Dr. Kenneth Berenhaut receives the Graduate Student Association 2022 Faculty Excellence Award

This award is presented to the faculty member whom the Graduate Student Association has selected as having done the most to promote excellence in graduate education this past year.

Dr. Berenhaut’s commitment to mentorship and scholarship symbolizes the core values of the graduate school’s mission of excellence.

Dr. Berenhaut has been described as an outstanding professor with the ability to turn some of the most difficult themes of math and statistics into interactive learning environments that drive student success. Furthermore, he provides an ongoing platform for academic growth with extended office hours and weekend study sessions. Outside of the classroom, his research continues to leave an impact on the scientific world, with numerous publications in the past 5 years, and his involvement in the graduate school continues to improve the experience of graduate students. His success and dedication as a mentor and member of the Wake Forest community, is evident by the words of his students. One student writes, “The way Dr. Berenhaut approaches his teaching, interacts with students, and his commitment to the educational process motivates me to do my best—not only in his class, but all of my classes.”

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