Nonuniqueness in Dynamical Systems


Dr. Richard McGehee, University of Minnesota
“Nonuniqueness in Dynamical Systems”
Thursday, March 17, 11 :00AM
121 Manchester Hall

A concept that has been around for a century is that of a
well-posed problem. The three conditions for a problem to be
well-posed are ( 1) existence of solutions, (2) uniqueness of
solutions, and (3) continuity of solutions with respect to initial
conditions. A great deal of effort has been spent proving that
systems defined by certain differential equations are indeed wellposed.
However, some problems of scientific interest are modelled
by equations that do not have uniqueness. Here we describe
work toward developing a general theory to analyze systems
where solutions are not unique, and we illustrate the concepts
with examples from simple climate models.

HOSTS: John Gemmer  and Leandro Lichtenfelz

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