Single Particle Tracking with applications to lysosome transport

Department of Mathematics & Statistics


Dr. Keisha Cook
Tulane University

Thursday, April 15, 2021
11:00 am via ZOOM

“Single Particle Tracking
with applications to lysosome transport”

Live cell imaging and single particle tracking techniques have become increasingly popular amongst the mathematical biology community. We study endocytosis, the cellular internalization and transport of bioparticles. This transport is carried out in
membrane-bound vesicles through the use of motor proteins. Lysosomes, known for endocytosis, phagocytic destruction, and autophagy, move about the cell along microtubules. Single particle tracking methods utilize stochastic models to simulate
intracellular transport and give rise to rigorous analysis of the resulting properties, specifically related to transitioning between inactive to active states. This confidence in the stochastic modeling of particle tracking is useful not only for particlecontaining
lysosomes, but also broad questions of cellular transport studied with single particle tracking.

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