”The future is a 4-manifold”

Department of Mathematics & Statistics


Dr. Thomas Kindred
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Thursday, April 1, 2021, 11:00 am via ZOOM

”The future is a 4-manifold”

I am delighted to be joining Wake Forest’s math department in the fall as a Teacher-Scholar Postdoc! This talk will describe how an REU project from 2005 changed my life. Given a knotted circle in space, the problem was how to construct as many surfaces as possible with a boundary equal to that knot. I will describe how, in some sense, all of my research has grown out of this project. In particular, I hope to convey some of the ways that I envision math research making the world a more joyful, inquisitive, and inclusive place. This talk will be widely accessible. Expect lots and lots of (mathematical) pictures!

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