Walking in Loops to Figure out Distances

Wake Forest University
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Walking in Loops to Figure out Distances

Dr. Noelle Sawyer, Southwestern University

Thursday, November 11, 11:00 AM
In Person Event: 121 Manchester Hall

If you know the general shape of an object, what kind of information do you need to determine its exact measurements? The particular kind of information that I’m interested in is the lengths of loops on the object. We’re going to talk about this in two settings: figuring out the distance between locations on a map when you’re only allowed to measure distance in loops, We’ll also talk about how this relates to my current research in math, which asks if knowing the lengths of the shortest loops on a surface are enough to identify the exact geometry of the surface.

In person host:: Leandro Lichtenfelz (lichtel@wfu.edu) *Zoom host: John Gemmer (gemmerj@wfu.edu)

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