What’s My Place in the Math World?

Department of Mathematics & Statistics


Dr. Chris Jones
Bill Guthridge Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Domain Scientist for Mathematics
at the Renaissance Computing Institute
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Thursday, October 22, 2020
11am – 12pm; Virtual Lecture

“What’s My Place in the Math World?”

We all struggle with “imposter syndrome,” or is it just me? But it is certainly true that people
from minority communities have messages drummed into them that reinforce this fear and
lead to self-fulfilling prophecies of failure in mathematics. The question the mathematics
community needs to address is what we should be doing about this situation. This starts with
answering the question: what is our incentive for doing something about it?
This will not be a traditional mathematics colloquium. I will lead you through some thoughts
I have had that have led me to my current view. This will be done using interactive polling so
you can understand your own feelings on the topic. You may well disagree with my
perspective, but I hope it will give you the opportunity to reflect on your own views that may
be unconsciously framing your reactions to building diversity in the mathematics profession.


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