The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been restructured into two academic departments effective July 1, 2022.  Continuing will be the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistical Sciences.  Dr. Sarah Raynor will continue as Chair of the Department of Mathematics, and Dr. Rob Erhardt will Chair the Department of Statistical Sciences.

The Department of Mathematics will continue to offer: M.S., B.S., and B.A. programs in Mathematics; a B.S. in Applied Mathematics; a Minor in Mathematics; and it will jointly offer a B.S. in Mathematical Economics along with the Department of Economics.  All courses taught by Mathematics are labelled MTH beginning July 1, 2002.

The Department of Statistical Sciences will offer an M.S. and B.S. in Statistics; a B.S. in Applied Statistics; a Minor in Statistics; it will jointly offer a B.S. in Mathematical Business with the School of Business; and it will jointly offer a Graduate Certificate in Data Science along with the Department of Computer Science.  All courses taught by Statistical Sciences are labelled as STA.

Please reach out to either department chair if you have questions about this restructuring.