Faculty Research Interests

Allen: Algebraic Combinatorics, Bioinformatics

Allman: Algebraic topology and geometry, representation theory

Betancourt: Mathematical fiber arts, math education, topological data analysis

Bourdon: Arithmetic Geometry

Chukwu: Mathematical Biology, Optimal Control, Applied Mathematics, Epidemiology, and Disease Modeling

Erway: Numerical optimization, computational PDEs, numerical linear algebra, scientific computation

Falcon: Applied mathematics, fluid dynamics, partial differential equations, mathematical biology

Gemmer: Applied mathematics, calculus of variations, partial differential equations, optics, dynamical systems, stochastic differential equations

Goodberry: Algebraic combinatorics, nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials, Hecke algebras

Howards: Topology and Geometry

Jiang: Dynamical Systems and Smooth Ergodic Theory

Kindred: Classical and virtual knot theory, spanning surfaces, Khovanov homology, multisections of n-manifolds

Kirkman: Noncommutative Algebra, Representation Theory, Homological Algebra, and Invariant Theory

Lichtenfelz: Differential Geometry, Global Analysis, Fluid Dynamics and General Relativity

Mason: Algebraic Combinatorics, Representation Theory

Mayle: Number theory, arithmetic geometry, elliptic curves, Galois representations

Merkx: Algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, Calabi-Yau varieties, and related aspects of theoretical physics including string compactifications in F-theory and other stringy models

Moore: Commutative algebra. In particular, homological properties of commutative rings

Oke: Homological and noncommutative algebra, Hochschild cohomology and its associated Gerstenhaber algebra structure, Representation theory

Parsley: Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Physical Knot Theory

Raynor: Partial Differential Equations, Semilinear dispersive PDEs: questions of well-posedness and qualitative behavior. Free boundary problems: regularity of the solution and its interface. Semilinear elliptic PDEs: Existence of positive solutions

Robinson: Nonlinear Analysis applied to Partial, Ordinary, and Difference Equations: Of particular interest are the existence and multiplicity of solutions associated with Reaction-Diffusion Equations, and the characterization of the spectrum and of the solutions for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems

Rouse: Number theory, modular and automorphic Forms, L-functions, elliptic curves, quadratic forms

Tan: Applied mathematics, calculus of variations, eigenvalue problems, fluid dynamics, partial differential equations

Tran: Frame theory

Yengulalp: Topology and set theory