Semester Schedule

Undergraduate & Graduate Course Schedule 

Mathematics Spring 2024 Schedule

MTH104A650622Fundamentals of Algebra and TrigT11:00 am-12:50 pm2012Lynne Yengulalp (P)KRBY 108
MTH104B650632Fundamentals of Algebra and TrigW12:00 pm-01:50 pm206Lynne Yengulalp (P)KRBY 108
MTH105LA635271Precalculus Assessment Lab (Online)TBA7519Lynne Yengulalp (P)ON ASYN
MTH106A642023Calculus FoundationsMWF09:00 am-09:50 am257Justin Mark Allman (P)MANC 124
MTH106B650613Calculus FoundationsMWF12:00 pm-12:50 pm258Justin Mark Allman (P)MANC 124
MTH111A634814Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWF08:00 am-08:50 am3030Pratyush Mishra (P)MANC 016
MTH111B634824Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWF09:00 am-09:50 am3030Pratyush Mishra (P)MANC 016
MTH111C634834Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWF10:00 am-10:50 am3030Pratyush Mishra (P)MANC 016
MTH111D634844Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWF11:00 am-11:50 am3030Peter Merkx (P)MANC 016
MTH111E634854Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWF12:00 pm-12:50 pm3030Peter Merkx (P)MANC 016
MTH111F634864Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWF03:00 pm-03:50 pm3030Peter Merkx (P)MANC 016
MTH111G634874Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWR01:00 pm-01:50 pm2828Dylan Bruney Odessa (P)MANC 016
MTH111H634884Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMTWR02:00 pm-02:50 pm3030Dylan Bruney Odessa (P)MANC 016
MTH111I634894Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMWF08:00 am-09:15 am3030Chidozie Williams Chukwu (P)MANC 018
MTH111J634904Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMWF09:30 am-10:45 am3030Chidozie Williams Chukwu (P)MANC 018
MTH111K634914Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMWF11:00 am-12:15 pm3029Chidozie Williams Chukwu (P)MANC 018
MTH111L634924Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMWF12:30 pm-01:45 pm3030Catalina Betancourt (P)MANC 018
MTH111M639084Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMWF02:00 pm-03:15 pm3030Catalina Betancourt (P)MANC 018
MTH111N639094Calculus w Analytic Geometry IMWF03:30 pm-04:45 pm3030Catalina Betancourt (P)MANC 018
MTH112A634934Calculus w Analytic Geometry IIMTWF08:00 am-08:50 am2516Chee Han Tan (P)MANC 125
MTH112B634944Calculus w Analytic Geometry IIMTWF09:00 am-09:50 am2523Chee Han Tan (P)MANC 125
MTH112C634954Calculus w Analytic Geometry IIMTWF10:00 am-10:50 am2525Chee Han Tan (P)MANC 125
MTH112D634964Calculus w Analytic Geometry IIMWF11:00 am-12:15 pm2514Kyle Celano (P)MANC 125
MTH112E634974Calculus w Analytic Geometry IIMWF12:30 pm-01:45 pm2525Kyle Celano (P)MANC 125
MTH112F639124Calculus w Analytic Geometry IIMWF02:00 pm-03:15 pm2524Ellen E. Kirkman (P)MANC 125
MTH113A634984Multivariable CalculusMTWF01:00 pm-01:50 pm257Jeremy A. Rouse (P)GRNE 320
MTH113B649664Multivariable CalculusMTWF02:00 pm-02:50 pm2827Robert Jason Parsley (P)GRNE 321
MTH113C635004Multivariable CalculusMTWF09:00 am-09:50 am2820Fan Yang (P)GRNE 320
MTH113D635014Multivariable CalculusMTWF10:00 am-10:50 am2827Fan Yang (P)GRNE 320
MTH117A635034Discrete MathematicsMWF02:00 pm-03:15 pm2524Tolulope Nathaneal Oke (P)WING 210
MTH117B649674Discrete MathematicsMWF12:30 pm-01:45 pm2522Tolulope Nathaneal Oke (P)WING 210
MTH117C635054Discrete MathematicsMTWF08:00 am-08:50 am2522Jacob Joseph Mayle (P)CARS 101
MTH117D635064Discrete MathematicsMWF11:00 am-12:15 pm2525Thomas Kindred (P)CARS 101
MTH121B635083Linear Algebra IMWF10:00 am-10:50 am2522Ellen E. Kirkman (P)MANC 020
MTH121C635093Linear Algebra IMWF01:00 pm-01:50 pm2525Abbey Marie Bourdon (P)MANC 124
MTH121D635103Linear Algebra IMWF02:00 pm-02:50 pm2525Abbey Marie Bourdon (P)MANC 124
MTH165A635111Problem-Solving SeminarW04:00 pm-04:50 pm304Jeremy A. Rouse (P)MANC 124
MTH172A649681.5Mathematics and Social JusticeW03:30 pm-04:45 pm2511Abbey Marie Bourdon (P)MANC 125
MTH205A636074Intro to Linear Alg & Diff EquationsMWF09:30 am-10:45 am2518Thomas Kindred (P)CARS 102
MTH251A636093Ordinary Differential EquationsTR12:30 pm-01:45 pm2722Claudia Falcon (P)MANC 018
MTH253A635453Operations ResearchTR12:30 pm-01:45 pm2524Jennifer Beth Fey (P)MANC 125
MTH254A636103Optimization TheoryTR02:00 pm-03:15 pm2521Miaohua Jiang (P)MANC 020
MTH311A636133Introductory Real Analysis IMWF09:00 am-09:50 am254William F. Moore (P)MANC 020
MTH311B636143Introductory Real Analysis IMWF11:00 am-11:50 am309William F. Moore (P)MANC 020
MTH317A636153Complex Analysis IMWF12:00 pm-12:50 pm156John Gemmer (P)KRBY 10
MTH321A636163Modern AlgebraMWF10:00 am-10:50 am2014Justin Mark Allman (P)MANC 124
MTH326A649723Numerical Linear AlgebraTR02:00 pm-03:15 pm810Jennifer Beth Fey (P)MANC 125
MTH331A636173GeometryTR09:30 am-10:45 am158Hugh Nelson Howards (P)KRBY 10
MTH346A649733Modern Number TheoryMWF09:00 am-09:50 am206Jacob Joseph Mayle (P)CARS 101
MTH348A649743Combinatorial Analysis IMWF01:00 pm-01:50 pm206Edward Ernest Allen (P)CARS 101
MTH351A636183Introduction to Mathematical ModelingTR02:00 pm-03:15 pm2020Claudia Falcon (P)MANC 018
MTH357A638023ProbabilityMW12:30 pm-01:45 pm44Staci Ann Hepler (P)MANC 020
MTH357B638033ProbabilityMW02:00 pm-03:15 pm55Staci Ann Hepler (P)MANC 020
MTH357C638043ProbabilityTR03:30 pm-04:45 pm66Kenneth Stephen Berenhaut (P)MANC 020
MTH383A636213First Course in Stochastic CalculusMWF11:00 am-11:50 am159John Gemmer (P)KRBY 10
MTH605AG636293Intro to Linear Alg & Diff EquationsMWF09:30 am-10:45 am10Thomas Kindred (P)CARS 102
MTH611AG636303Introductory Real Analysis IMWF09:00 am-09:50 am55William F. Moore (P)MANC 020
MTH611BG654093Introductory Real Analysis IMWF11:00 am-11:50 am12William F. Moore (P)MANC 020
MTH617AG636313Complex Analysis IMWF12:00 pm-12:50 pm54John Gemmer (P)KRBY 10
MTH626AG649763Numerical Linear AlgebraTR02:00 pm-03:15 pm22Jennifer Beth Fey (P)MANC 125
MTH631AG636323GeometryTR09:30 am-10:45 am52Hugh Nelson Howards (P)KRBY 10
MTH646AG649773Modern Number TheoryMWF09:00 am-09:50 am106Jacob Joseph Mayle (P)CARS 101
MTH648AG649783Combinatorial Analysis IMWF01:00 pm-01:50 pm154Edward Ernest Allen (P)CARS 101
MTH651AG642353Intro to Mathematical ModelingTR02:00 pm-03:15 pm42Claudia Falcon (P)MANC 018
MTH657AG642363ProbabilityMW12:30 pm-01:45 pm20Staci Ann Hepler (P)MANC 020
MTH657BG642373ProbabilityMW02:00 pm-03:15 pm21Staci Ann Hepler (P)MANC 020
MTH682BG636353Modern Algebra IMWF10:00 am-10:50 am51Justin Mark Allman (P)MANC 124
MTH683AG636363First Course in Stochastic CalculusMWF11:00 am-11:50 am54John Gemmer (P)KRBY 10
MTH712AG649753Real AnalysisTR09:30 am-10:45 am169Stephen B. Robinson (P)MANC 17
MTH721AG636383Abstract AlgebraMWF02:00 pm-02:50 pm1514Jeremy A. Rouse (P)GRNE 310
MTH731AG636393ToplogyMWF01:00 pm-01:50 pm1513Robert Jason Parsley (P)GRNE 340