Dr. Richard D. Carmichael

Professor of Mathematics



Dr. Carmichael’s

  • Email: carmicha 'at' wfu.edu
  • BS, Wake Forest College, 1964
  • AM, Duke University, 1966
  • PhD, Duke University, 1968
Representation of distributions and ultradistributions as boundary values of analytic functions, integral transforms, Abelian theorems
  • Boundary Values and Convolution in Ultradistribution Spaces. World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 2007. (with A. Kamiński and S. Pilipović)
  • Distributions and Analytic Functions, Longman Scientific and Technical, Harlow, England, 1989. (with Dragiša Mitrović)
  • Vector valued Hardy spaces related to analytic functIons having distributional boundary values. Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations 64 (2019), 1634 - 1654. (with S. Pilipovic and J. Vindas)
  • Properties of the distributional finite Fourier transform, Glasnik Matematicki 51 (2016), 431 - 445.
  • Cauchy and Poisson Integrals of Ultradistributions in D'(*,Ls). Integral Transforms and Special Functions 17(2006), 135-139. (with A. Kamiński and S. Pilipović)
  • Microlocalization Within Some Classes of Fourier Hyperfunctions. Operator Theory: Advances and Applications 172(2006), 329-343. (with A. Eida and S. Pilipović)
Calculus, Differential Equations, Elementary Real Variable, Real Variable, Complex Variable, Linear Algebra




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