COMAP is a yearly team undergraduate competition held each spring (usually early February). There is no limit to the number of teams that Wake can sponsor. Each team can be composed of up to three students; the teams are formed at an organizational meeting in January. There is no prerequisite for the contest; you don’t even have to be a math major!

Those who are interested in participating in this competition should contact the local faculty sponsor for more information and then, sign up for Math 165 in the spring. In order to prepare for this contest, students will meet in the spring to go over previous contest questions and solutions until the contest weekend in February. The contest problems are posted on the web a Thursday evening and a solution paper is due (via email to COMAP) the following Monday evening.

Please consider participating on Wake’s COMAP team! Wake needs you!!

The official COMAP website is:

Past results:


2012: Team: Rick Freedman, Nicolas Saponara, and Anqi Zou — honorable mention. Team: Nick Fotos, Jeffrey Pauls, and Craig Tepper — honorable mention.

2011: Team 11352, Problem B, Successful Participation: Rick Freedman, Dana McPherson, Yilin Yang. Team 11354, Problem A, Meritorious: Junjun Liang, Josh Jacobs, Lily Proctor. Team 11353, Problem B, Honorable Mention: Xinyi Cao, Ryan Mccarthy
Anqi Zou.

2010: Team 8169 Problem B: Successful Participation — Team members: Benjamin Goldman, Scott Rabidoux, Anqi Zou. Team 8317 Problem B: Meritorious –Team members: Brendan Bettinger, Richard Freedman, Wan Ying Poh. Team 8321 Problem A: Meritorious – Team members: Jean Merlet, Matthew Howell, Rouman Iordanov.

2009: A total of 1675 teams from around the world participated in the COMAP competition in February 2009. Wake was represented by three teams. Two of our teams were “Meritorious Winners” (the second-highest award level). (One of these very successful teams was composed of students who had never participated in a COMAP competition before!)
Team #1: Erik Forseth, David Rosile, Benjamin Goldman – Meritorious Winners
Team #2: Ashley Carlton, Brendan Bettinger, Stephanie Pietromonaco – Meritorious Winners

2008: One team represented Wake and won Honorable Mention

2007: Two teams represented Wake; both were Meritorious Winners

2006: Three teams were Meritorious Winners

2005: Two teams represented Wake; both were Meritorious Winners

2004: Meritorious Award – Team: Taylor Griffin, Patrick Jackson and Anthony Pecorella. Meritorious Award – Team: Robert T. Haining, Zachary Abernathy and Neal P. Richardson. Meritorious Award – Team: Jennifer N. Rumney, Grey M. Ballard and George B. Martin.

2003: Meritorious Award -Team: Zach Abernathy, Corey Houmand and Adam Dickey. Meritorious Award – Team: Anthony Pecorella, Elizabeth Perez and Crystal Taylor. Outstanding Winner -Team: Robert T. Haining, Dana Lindeman and Neal P. Richardson.

2002: 522 teams participated. Team: Elizabeth Perez, Anthony Pecorella, Crystal Taylor – Outstanding Winners (highest award level) and INFORMS prize recipient.
Team: John Bowman, Corey Houmand, Adam Dicky – Outstanding Winners (highest award level). Successful Participation – Team: Daniel Morton and Joel Cohen.

2001: Team: Adam Dickey, Corey Houmand, Andrew Pruett – Outstanding Winners (highest award level), SIAM prize recipient, and MAA prize recipient; a second team from Wake, Team: Alan M. Poole, Lauren K. Toney and Jacob M. Kline, was chosen as Meritorious Winners

2000: Outstanding Winner and SIAM Prize Recipient. Team: Daniel J. Durand, Jacob M. Kline and Kevin M. Woods.

1996Team: Andrew R. Frey, Joseph R. Gagnon, J. Hunter Tart – Outstanding Winners (highest award level)