WFU Student writes article for SIAM News

Shelby Horth is an undergraduate student in applied mathematics at Wake Forest University. Horth’s article Broader Engagement Program Expands to the 2022 SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science published in SIAM News.

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WFU AWM Chapter Wins National Award

The WFU AWM student chapter has won the annual award from the AWM national organization entitled the Student Chapter Award for Professional Development. This award honors our chapter for its active professional development programs, including regular panel discussions and brown bag discussions, but especially for its innovative mentorship chains. This award will be given during […]

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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been restructured

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been restructured into two academic departments effective July 1, 2022.  Continuing will be the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistical Sciences.  Dr. Sarah Raynor will continue as Chair of the Department of Mathematics, and Dr. Rob Erhardt will Chair the Department of Statistical Sciences. The Department of Mathematics will […]

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Abbey Bourdon wins NSF CAREER Award

Bourdon studies geometric objects called elliptic curves. “Elliptic curves are among the most ubiquitous objects in modern number theory,” said Bourdon, who holds the A.J. Sterge Faculty Fellowship. “They have far-reaching applications, both in theoretical mathematics – such as in the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem – and in information security where they form the […]

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Old Gold and Black Graduating Senior Profiles

Every year, the Old Gold & Black features a graduating nominee from each major. Applied Mathematics: Minato Hiraoka Mathematical Business: Noah Edwards-Thro Mathematical Economics: David Li Mathematical Statistics: Andy Greene Mathematics: Sarah Ruth Nicholls

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